[Silver Soul]

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Break; [Event Drabble]

Bored out of his wits, Gintoki wanders through the new plaza that was opened, digging his nose as dead-fish eyes passed over everything, with none of them catching his interest. For all the hype he’s heard about it, this place is incredibly boring to him. Perhaps if there was a casino in the area…

He’s distracted from his musings when a bright, garish sign catches his eye.

                          STAND A CHANCE TO WIN A HUNDRED DOLLARS!
                                  FIVE BUCKS PER TRY. NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

A low whistle. That’s a pretty sweet deal if he’s seen one, and it’d be good if it really were as simple as the sign makes it out to be; that thought in mind, he approaches to find out more.

What awaits him is one of those machines out of fairground fancies, with a pressure pad at the base and a bell at the top. The aim was to hit the pressure pad hard enough that the bearing in the machine would rise to the top and sound the bell. Seemed easy enough, right? It was worth a shot. He was supposed to get a free burger even if he failed after all.

The man in charge of the game took the freelancer’s money with an unpleasant smirk on his face, fully confident that he had rigged the machine so that it’d take force strong enough to fell a tree with one punch to set it off. Gintoki was certainly well-built, but there was no way he would have that much power.

Gintoki catches that look, but somehow he feels strangely unperturbed.

Standing in front of the machine, he draws the wooden sword he’s taken to wearing at his side randomly ever since that dream, and taking a deep breath, swings the sword downward with all his might —

— only to break the machine. It’s like something out a work of fiction, where the mechanism inside rose fast and with enough force to burst out the top, except Gintoki has done one better. Even the pressure pad itself is broken in two, jagged crack originating from where his bokuto landed.

In disbelief, the man hands Gintoki his money, quaking in his shoes and too afraid of the man with silver-hair and monstrous strength to even try and cheat his way out of it. With a pleased look on his face, Gintoki wanders on his way, thumbing through the wad of cash in the envelope he was given.

He doesn’t remember having enough brute force to do that much. The man must have used shitty materials for his machine for it to break so easily.

Belonging; [Event Drabble]

Because even belonging is a foreign feeling when you’ve never belonged;


Did you also take that from a corpse? A single child stripping corpses to protect himself, is it? That’s very impressive.

However, you no longer need that sword. A sword that’s only swung in self-defense, while fearing others, should be thrown away. I shall give you my sword. If you wish to learn how to properly use it… Then come with me.

I came after hearing about a corpse-eating demon… Would that be you? A rather cute demon.


She stared at him, blue eyes wide and distraught, while she hung onto every word he said. She let herself fall to the ground, kneeling next to him, and she clung to his sleeve. May couldn’t believe this was happening. There was no way this was happening! It just wasn’t possible to die from a nosebleed! At least, that’s what she kept repeating to herself. Maybe he’d just pass out and then—

He went limp.


     "Gin-sama…?" No way… no way! She shook his arm, rather roughly for good measure. "Gintoki-sama!! Wake up! You can’t—" First one tear, then the next fell, and pretty soon, they were running down her face and she was sniffling to keep the snot at bay. This was all her fault. Shoulders heaved slightly as she shook him again. "I’m sorry!! Please don’t be dead!! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!!"

It was difficult not to shake from laughter. May’s reactions were priceless, and he had gotten carried away with teasing her upon seeing her reaction to his nosebleed. Seriously, it was just a nosebleed, and he wasn’t about to die from that. It’d be different if he saw Takasugi naked with just an apron on, for example. but this much was barely enough to faze him, and the bleeding had already stopped.

But oi, oi, was she actually crying? He almost felt sorry. Almost. This was still too hilarious.

And then he couldn’t hold it in anymore, and there he was, shoulders heaving from laughter as he sat upright, hand reaching out to give May a fond pat on her head. “Oi, did you seriously think I was going to die from a nosebleed?” More chortling. “Gintoki-sama!! Wake up! That was too good.” His tone was teasing as he imitated her earlier cries upon believing that he really had died.

Why is the sea so salty? Because you city folk pee whenever you go swimming! | Takasugi


Insistence rarely aided others in getting what they wanted from him. Actually, those familiar with the raven knew they wouldn’t be met with a particularly amiable reply if this were to happen… if they did even get a response, that is. Gintoki, however, was a whole another story. His little kid whines managed to have some effect on him, whether it was an exasperated but positive response or a heartfelt thumbs up to whatever idea he was entertaining. In short, try as he may, Takasugi very often found himself indulging in the silverette’s whims, and this occasion wasn’t an exception.

The beach was alright… to some extent. He enjoyed the possibility of enjoying the views while he took a walk along the seashore, but dealing with the sand, the heat and the salt water didn’t sound as nice. Well, no matter; it could be worse. And he had agreed to this.

Gintoki’s words broke his train of thought, his gleeful expression promptly catching his attention. This idiot… 


"Right, right." Despite his expression being neutral for once, there was a faint smile in his voice as he followed suit after the other, heaving a sigh when he finally sat down beside him. "So eager… What are you, a dog?" Takasugi looked down, picking idly at the hem of his shorts before lifting his head to face him.

The grin on Gintoki’s face only grew when he caught the hints of a smile in the other’s voice, something that might have otherwise gone unnoticed given the nonchalant expression worn by the raven. However, Gintoki had spent enough time with him that detecting these little things came as second nature.

He did, however, pout a little at the raven’s comments on his eagerness, but that soon passed as he decided to get revenge in the form of a quick nibble of tip of the other man’s ear instead, accompanied by a cheeky woof. Hey, you get what you ask for. Coming from anyone else, he would most likely have taken offense, but this was Takasugi, and such an exchange was the norm between then by now.


Turning his attention to the large bag he had brought with him, he started unpacking the gear he’d brought along. Didn’t matter that he had supposedly come here with the intention of working a job as a lifeguard, he had intended to find a chance to slack off from the start.

Out came a bottle of sunblock lotion; that was tossed to Takasugi casually. How considerate. Praise him!

Next came an inflatable ring, in striking red and yellow, a pump for the inflatable ring, and finally a plain-looking sunhat. He’d get Takasugi into his swimwear no matter what, and the best way to do that was to be prepared for the water.*


Not one for dealing with situations like these well, May’s panic rose higher when he mentioned dying. He couldn’t die from a nose bleed!! Right??

But what if he did? Then it would be her fault!



They always like to say things like ‘you can’t die from something like this’ but that’s just pure speculation on their part. Anything could happen, really! Including dying from a nose bleed. Okay so it wasn’t actually likely except if you suffered from certain medical conditions, none of which Gintoki had. He slumped to the ground anyway.

"It’s…okay, May. It wasn’t your fault. I always…knew this day would come. P-promise me…that you’ll bury all my gravure magazines with me. That’s all i want, as my last wish. That, and for you to live a full life. Ah, but I do wish I could have seen you…grow up."

Chest heaving, his voice trailed off into silence, arms falling limp to his side.

How terribly dramatic.

Why is the sea so salty? Because you city folk pee whenever you go swimming! | Takasugi

While it certainly was nice to not have to think about work with the fact that he was permanently out of office here as an excuse, it soon dawned upon Gintoki that dreams were, at the end of the day, dreams, and idle hands did not a family feed.

So it was that, upon hearing of a job filling in a temporary position for a lifeguard at the beach, Gintoki leaped at the chance. A job he could do by sitting down and checking out the hot bods? That was very much his cup of tea. And only one thing could make that better.

With that in mind, he’d practically bounced off to Takasugi and raised the idea of taking the opportunity to head to the beach. The raven hadn’t seemed particularly interested at first, but Gintoki could be pretty convincing when he wanted to be (he whined until Takasugi gave in with a sigh, what else were you thinking huh?)

And now here they were, all dressed for a day at the beach, only to find that the job had already been taken. Well, they’d made the trip down after all, might as well have some fun before heading back right?

Besides, he still really wanted to see Takasugi in trunks. Or would he wear a speedo? A speedo would be good too. Sakata Gintoki, A+ pervert, ladies and gentlemen.

Laying out a towel on the sand, Gintoki hastily sat down on it and eagerly patted the surface next to him, looking at Takasugi with a look of childlike glee on his face.

"C’mon, we’re already here anyway oi?"